Telnet connection to host lost port 3306

database using - port 6543, password mythtv, username mythtv and host address - localhost. I tried to telnet to localhost 6543 - it said it was connecting (it said 5.1.42-community then some gibberish) it finished with - connection to host lost. I was able to show databases - there were 4 (mythconverg was there) - I told it to use mythconverg ...

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  • If a personal firewall is running on your machine, please make sure you have opened the TCP port 3306 for connections. Otherwise no client application can connect to the server. After you have opened the port please press [Retry] to apply the security settings.
  • telnet: Unable to connect to remote host then the port is likely blocked for you. You can use an alternative port, or check with your Internet service provider, since mostly port restrictions would be imposed by them.
  • I'm trien to connect to mysql server remotely. my.cnf file has #skip networking commented out. but when I have mysqld server running. it says its mysqld running and reading for connections on port 3306, no port 3306 found from scan
  • -if I do a 'telnet localhost 3306' I get a message (with strange characters though) and after a few seconds the connection to the host is lost. -wampmysqld is an active service (but not a process, I thought that might be important).

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  • Aug 02, 2013 ยท Check Open Port. If you'd like to check open port of a remote server, there is a very simple way to do it by using telnet command. In the following case, we would like to know www (http) port 80 on a remote server is open or not. Epc skoda octavia
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