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  • I would like to comment on the Novik Shake. We sided our entire dream home with the Blended Brownstone shakes to have the look and feel of real shingles. We loved the product, it was exactly the look we wanted. When the contractors completed one corner of he house we were horrified to find that the corner shingles did not match the siding.
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  • Mar 16, 2016 · I like the combination with the Novik Dry Stack Stone and vinyl siding. For the Stone I would go with either this colour Flint or Limestone which has both grey and neutral tones. Then for your siding and trims, I would definitely suggest Windswept Smoke with Pebble trim and you could even use Pebble in the gable at the front for added colour. Proper venting soffit allows your attic to breathe as well as aiding in the longevity of your shingles! Aluminum Soffit can be colour matched to your siding or a colour of your choosing! Our custom 'diamond' fascia installation creates a finished and clean look to your house as well as protecting the wood from the elements!
  • Cedar Shingle Siding cedar siding Cedar Shakes Siding Cedar Siding Shingles Cedar Shake Siding – Siding Shingles | All of our Cedar Siding, Siding Shingle Panels, Siding ShinglesCedar Shakes Siding are machine trimmed for parallel edges and have smooth butts with all four corners sawn at right angles. Stenerson Lumber carries a wide variety of siding products in multitude of colors, finishes, and patterns. In addition, we offer moisture barriers and wraps to create an energy efficient envelope for your home or building. Trims, accents, and accessories are also available in-stock and by special order to achieve any desired look.

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  • Mid-America Siding Components is a leading manufacturer of siding accessories and decorative exterior building products. + Visit Site. Foundry. The Foundryª offers Shakes, Staggered Shakes, Shingles, and Shapes that are as elegant as hand-split cedar siding, yet more durable. + Visit Site. Novik Real nvp pytorch
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