Logic premise indicators

View Notes - Logic indicators from PHILOSOPHY 30465 at Pima County Community College. because premise for premise since premise for the reason that premise for example premise in that premise given

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  • INFERENCE INDICATORS. Inference indicators are expressions which precede a premise or conclusion of an argument. Inference indicators are the easiest way to identify an argument. They are road signs that the writer uses to alert the reader about the logical relationships that are claimed to hold between statements.
  • Temporal sequence – besides its logical sense, the premise indicator since has a temporal meaning which is sometimes mistakenly interpreted as an argument but is really a way of saying simply that in the period of time following an event several others subsequently happened. Since Marilyn Monroe died, men have walked the moon.
  • A premise can also be an indicator word if statements have been combined into a logical argument and such word functions to mark the role of one or more of the statements. It indicates that the statement it is attached to is a premise. Oct 01, 2007 · Hey guys I have this problem for my logic class and I understand the logic terms of "premise" and "conclusion". But in this question, I am pretty sure that "Fluffy is a duck" is the premise and "Fluffy is a bird." is the conclusion, but I can't be sure and I also don't know what the premise indicator or conclusion INDICATORS are because they don't use terms like "therefore" or "thus" etc. The ...
  • Jan 31, 2013 · Identifying Premises and Conclusions Kevin deLaplante. ... LSAT Logical Reasoning ... Identifying Premise and Conclusion Indicators ...

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  • Welcome to the Forum! The Premise/Conclusion Indicator list is not exhaustive. One thing to remember is that you only need one. For example, "Because it is a raining, I will stay home" has the same premise and conclusion as "It is raining, so I will stay home." In the first example, the word "because" is a premise indicator. Arbitrary meaning in shipping
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