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5. Kyocera Duraforce Pro 2 ($450) A rugged smartphone for fall excursions means you don’t have to worry about the rain and snow, dirt and grime, or dropping the phone on cement. Kyocera Duraforce Pro 2 has a built-in 13-megapixel and 4K camera so it doubles as an action cam. 7 BACK-TO-SCHOOL GADGETS FOR AN EPIC COLLEGE DORM ROOM. 6.

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  • My Kyocera Hydro Vibe keeps restarting. I tried to do a hard reset without success. I bought a new battery and charged the phone for 12 hours as the battery instructions says. Again, it keeps rebooting/restarting. Note: I have over 50% external storage and 45% internal storage so that is not a problem. No water damage.
  • Learn how to use the task manager and free up memory on the Kyocera DuraForce PRO. On ... Restart device regula Learn how to use the task manager and free up memory on the Kyocera DuraForce PRO. On this page: Manage memory; Task manager ... Manage apps to keep your device running smoothly. Use Manage apps to update apps, clear app cache and ...
  • QUESTION-What do I do if my Kyocera Event keeps restarting? ANSWER- hold the POWER BOTTON AND PRESS THE DOWN VOLUME BOTTON for about 3 MINS and then this will RESET you phone PRESS clear cache." SERVAL TIMES FOR THIS TO WORK. I GRANTE THIS WILL WORK BECAUSE IT WORKED FOR MY PHONEIf it’s working then enjoy your Wi-Fi if it’s still being stubborn and the Wi-Fi won’t switch on then keep reading. Hardware If the Wi-Fi wont power on at all, then there is a possibility that its due to an actual piece of the phone being disconnected, loose, or malfunctioning.
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