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Well in the Star Trek lore some of these ships are classed as exploration cruisers, which is what I meant, but I think you already knew that. My point still stands though that making the Kelvin-class a Heavy Destroyer seems like a baffling choice when it clearly suits one of the other roles available in-game, I mean there is always more room for science cruisers, and this one would suit that ...

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  • Section 31 was an organization which claimed to protect the security interests of United Earth and, later, the United Federation of Planets. During the mid-23rd century, they were considered a critical division of Starfleet Intelligence, while by the 24th century, they were believed to be a...
  • Second in the series of three build videos for the Kelvin D7, this one uses cannons to wreak havoc on the Borg. The Nausicaan torpedo was added just because it is weird to have a D7 without a ...
  • Sep 10, 2019 · Star Trek Online - Kelvin Timeline Heavy Destroyer T6 - [Kelvin Divergence Lockbox] The Boss. ... Kelvin D7 Heavy Destroyer Review!! Star Trek Online - Duration: 21:15.
  • Sep 11, 2019 · Undeniably the best looking Klingon ship in game, the Kelvin Timeline D7 Heavy Destroyer is the largest D7 model so far. Reminiscent of the classic design, the Kelvin Timeline has changed the D7 to... This starship comes with the unique Kelvin Timeline Constitution bridge. In addition to the default Constitution material, the Kelvin Constitution Heavy Command Cruiser has access to all the standard Federation ship materials, as well as Intrepid, Galaxy, Sovereign, Defiant, NX, NX Refit and Type 0 ship materials.

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