Belgian shotgun proof marks

Best guns are typically bespoke guns, or are at least available as bespoke guns. Liege, Belgium has been a gunmaking center for centuries. The Liege proof house was established in 1672 and it is the oldest European proof house still in operation.

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  • It is indeed a proof mark from the factory, although a great many Kareens don't have the proof. Interestingly enough, most people do not know that the Israeli Kareen was designed to fire the 158gr FMJ submachine gun round fired from Uzi's, thus, it was actually designed to be stronger than the Browning HP.
  • (previous page) gun was exported to a different country as a military acquisition. please refer to the proof marks: belgian proof marksproof marks: belgian proof marks, cont. special manufacturer's mark for guns made for foreign sales. german gun makers & dealers u-z - german hunting guns gunmakers of suhl the following is a list of craftsmen ...
  • The right side of the barrel at the receiver is marked with a "Crowned R" proof and a "* / q" inspection mark, the latter of which is also marked at the right front of the top strap and at the right front of the frame The "Crowned R" proof was used by Belgium after 1894 to denote a rifled barrel.Double Shotguns (Misc.) Belgian for sale and auction. Buy a Double Shotguns (Misc.) Belgian online. Sell your Double Shotguns (Misc.) Belgian for FREE t...
  • Guns & Firearms Terminology Action. The action of a gun is how it is loaded and fired. Examples include: Single action: The firearm must be manually cocked before each shot. In other words, the trigger performs a single function. Double Action: The gun can be cocked and fired with one pull of the trigger, and most often refers to pistols and ... If there's a rollmark, "Non Pour Balle" then, your Belgian shotgun is an antique. The (Star over N) & (Star over M) are Belgian inspectors' marks. The "fancy" letter L is a preliminary proof of barrels in the form of rough tubes The Perron (tower) indicates inspection or proof of the breeching system. Considered a final proof

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